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Acorn Group provides a range of tree and vegetation removal services.

Our Customers include:

  • Local Authorities
  • Housing Associations
  • Highways Departments
  • Highways Agency
  • Central Government Departments
  • Blue Chip Companies

Tree and Vegetation Removal

As part of essential infrastructure development and improvements AEMG undertakes a significant amount of Tree and vegetation removal to enable construction teams to survey, design and build the following:

  • New road and rail infrastructure,
  • Utility supply infrastructure
  • new building facilities

Tree and vegetation removal is carried out with significant care ensuring that we protect habitats and implement significant improvements to minimise disturbance and support new habitats in protected areas.


For more information on the Tree and Vegetation Removal Services available from Acorn Group, contact our Managing Director Kevin O’Rourke today on 0800 093 3898 or e-mail