As one of the largest Arboricultural and Landscape management & consultancy service providers in the UK it is imperative that we minimise the impacts of our operations.

  • Development and Implementation of a Carbon Management & Reduction Plan to reduce our carbon emissions by 2015
  • Employ local people to deliver our services throughout the UK
  • Invest in highly efficient vehicles and plant reducing fuel consumption
  • Integrate Sustainable Procurement Policies and Practices to ensure all of our suppliers meet and share our aspirations
  • Add value to communities by enhancing the environments in which we work, supporting apprenticeships, and community schemes.
  • Recycle / Re use 100% of our wood chip and timber sections.

Recycling /Reuse

Acorn Group recycle and reuse 100% of their wood waste.

Our new, purpose built, 10,000sq ft facility in Redditch has been specifically designed to accommodate all of our arisings and timber sections.

Under a T6 exemption license issued by the Environment Agency, Acorn Group have the capability to store up to 500 tonnes of wood chip and timber prior to transportation.

The wood chip and timber is stored in separate areas to ensure that loading, processing and transportation is simplified and contamination from other sources is eliminated.

  • Wood chip used as mulch for tree planting and landscaping schemes.
  • Timber sections are processed into wood chip and used to generate power and heat.
  • The diagram below demonstrates our wood waste recycling / reuse process.


In 2011 AEMG implemented a Carbon Management & Reduction Plan which identified the recycling / reuse of wood chip as being the quickest way of reducing the company’s carbon emissions.

We are now working on reducing the impacts of our operations in other areas such as fuel consumption, electricity usage, water conservation and the recycling of other waste streams.

Sustainable Development Policy