Acorn Group provide a range of rope access services that enable us to manage and maintain structures on behalf of our Customers.

Our Customers include:

  • Local Authorities
  • Housing Associations
  • Highways Departments
  • Highways Agency
  • Central Government Departments
  • Blue Chip Companies

All of our employees who deliver our rope access services are fully trained to IRATA standards and comply fully with all UK HSE legislation.

The use of rope access techniques to carry out routine maintenance of this nature is much more cost effective and flexible than scaffolding or the use of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms. Additionally rope access works are far less disruptive to the public and traffic resulting in less congestion to the communities surrounding our work sites.

For each project / work site a safe system of work is developed using written work method statements which explain how we are going to undertake the works and generic risk assessments which identify all of the risks associated with the works and provide mitigation for each risk.

Additionally daily site specific risk assessments are undertaken which identify any site specific risks and the mitigation for those risks


Vegetation / Weed Clearance from Structures

The clearance of self seeding trees, weeds and other unwanted vegetation that may have an adverse structural effect on the host structure or building.


Installation of avian anti fouling / roosting devices

The prevention of bird roosts and resulting bird fouling via the installation of anti roosting devices.


High level Building / Structures Inspections & surveys

Inspection and surveys of structures and buildings to assess the condition / future maintenance regimes.


Repointing / sealing of brickwork

Re instatement of pointing, flashings and application of sealants to building structures.


Anti climbing devices and signage

Installation of climbing prevention devices and building signage.


Structures Cleaning Works

The surface cleaning of structures removing dirt, paint, graffiti.


Installation of safety and debris netting

Use of access techniques to install safety and debris netting to ensure the safety of the public.


Gutter Clearing / Maintenance

• Clearance of debris from high level rain water systems.


Bat / Environmental Surveys & Inspections

The identification and inspection of habitats and protected species within building structures.


Fall Restraint Installation

Installation of handrails and barriers for safety.

For more information on the Rope Access Services available from Acorn Group, contact our Managing Director Kevin O’Rourke today on 0800 093 3898 or e-mail