Acorn Group provides a fully integrated range of landscape management services to:

Our Customers include:

  • Local Authorities
  • Housing Associations
  • Blue Chip Companies
  • Private Customers

Our landscape services were originally introduced to provide a single source of service delivery maintaining the Customer and Contractor relationship from construction through to routine maintenance. Managing & maintaining our customers Open Spaces, Verges and Gardens now forms a significant part of our core service delivery.

Our approach offers customers an excellent quality of service and a constant review of our service delivery to seek improvements and efficiencies.


Hard & Soft Landscaping

The installation of hard and soft landscape features following groundworks or construction works. We can offer design and planting advice for trees including species selection and location.



The supply and installation of timber and metal fencing to provide site security or to define a boundary on Local Authority, Housing or Highways property.


Tree Planting Advice

The selection, storage, planting and after care of new trees through the UK. Our trees are supplied from sustainable UK sources and any species can be selected at differing maturity levels dependant on the application.


Tree Transplanting Birmingham

Trees are regularly planted in the wrong location for the species and scale of the tree. Trees can be transplanted using specialist equipment to a more suitable position allowing the tree to continue to grow and remain healthy.


Weed Control

Various treatments are applied to control and eradicate noxious weeds and Japanese Knotweed. Certain noxious weeds must be controlled by law. Chemicals must be applied under strict conditions by highly trained employees.

fly tip removal

Fly Tip Removal Birmingham

Fly tipping is the process of dumping household or commercial waste illegally. Acorn Group legally move fly tipped waste to specialist waste control sites.



The use of trees as biological pumps to eliminate contaminants form soils and water tables.


Sign Maintenance & Installation

Installation and maintenance of signs on highways, housing and Local Authority Land.

For more information on the Tree Management and Landscaping Services available from Acorn Group, contact our Managing Director Kevin O’Rourke today on 0800 093 3898 or e-mail mail@aemg.co.uk