Ecology Services

Acorn Group is one of the UK’s leading Ecological Consultancies.

Our Customers include:

  • Local Authorities
  • Housing Associations
  • Highways Departments
  • Highways Agency
  • Central Government Departments
  • Blue Chip Companies

Our highly experience Ecology Teams provide professional, pragmatic solutions to ensure that all Wildlife legislation is adhered to whilst we continue to construct, develop and maintain critical infrastructure throughout the UK.

Our Ecology services support local authorities, housing associations, highways infrastructure, utility, rail and construction sectors to deliver key projects on budget and on time.


Invasive species surveys & management

A large number of invasive species (e.g. Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam) and alien aquatic species are now listed under Schedule 9 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended). It is an offence under section 14(2) of the WCA to “plant or otherwise cause to grow in the wild” any plant listed in Schedule 9, Part 2 to the Act. We can provide assistance for the control and/or eradication of these species.


Ecological enhancement, restoration, management & creation

We have the capability and experience in producing ecological enhancement, restoration, creation and management plans for sites, habitats and species. Planning authorities are now required to actively seek measures that aim to promote appropriate Priority Habitats and Species listed in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan.


Preliminary ecological appraisals

The Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) can be used in a variety of situations but is generally used to provide an initial assessment of any ecological constraints and opportunities which may be relevant to a proposed development. PEA consists of a desktop study and a site survey to identify and map features of ecological value.

PEA will be an essential tool at the scoping stage and are used to inform the design team and identify further work. Where no significant ecological contraints have been identified, a PEA may be submitted in support of a planning application.

Great Crested Newt

Protected species surveys, assessments, advisory services and licence applications

If protected species are found on a proposed development site we can provide the following: surveys, legal compliance advice, licence applications including European Protected Species (EPS) mitigation licences, mitigation measures to avoid/minimise the chances of harming species on the site, compensation and enhancement measures to provide long-term benefits for species on and off the development site.

On-site and off-site mitigation and compensation works (including species translocation and habitat creation), site management and monitoring.


Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)

For development where potentially significant ecological effects are likely to arise from proposals, an Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) will be required. Typically the EcIA report prepared for planning submission will collate the baseline information gathered during the PEA and/or other detailed surveys.

Ecological Impact Assessment’s (EcIA) identify, quantify and evaluate the potential impacts of defined actions on ecosystems or their components. They are a key component of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), which are carried out to assess the effects of projects on the environment.

For more information on the Ecology Services available from Acorn Group, contact our Managing Director Kevin O’Rourke today on 0800 093 3898 or e-mail