Arboricultural Consultancy

Acorn Group provide arboricultural consultancy services for a wide range of arboricultural projects throughout the UK.

Our Customers include:

  • Local Authorities
  • Housing Associations
  • Highways Departments
  • Highways Agency
  • Central Government Departments
  • Blue Chip Companies

Our Arboricultural consultancy department provide a wide range of services to our customers to manage the risks from trees but also to improve and maximise the many benefits trees have.

Our Consultants will give objective advice in accordance with the instructions received and industry best practise, in order to provide you, the client, with a clear understanding of the implications for your trees in whatever circumstances they grow and in relation to your aspirations or concerns.


Tree Surveys

All land owners have a duty of care to any visitors to their land, consequently landowners need to take reasonable care by undertaking regular surveys to assess their condition and recommending remedial works.

We can provide an independent schedule and specification of work to enable pro-active tree management. Planned tree maintenance can be carried out as a result of our detailed surveys and reports, allowing our customers to demonstrate that the inherent risks from surrounding trees are being managed.


Tree Condition Reports

We are experienced in providing detailed condition reports and recommendations to ensure your trees remain healthy and do not pose an unacceptable risk. We use our reports to educate the reader in a jargon free manner to give them an understanding of their tree stock.


Development Site Surveys and Reports

Acorn provides professional reports and plans, compliant with BS5837:2012 to accompany planning applications. Local planning authorities require detailed information about trees that could be affected by development proposals.

Acorn’s Consultants can provide advice on trees in relation to development, focusing on how best to develop a site without harming the green infrastructure.


Subsidence Reports

Acorn provides expert reports on tree-related subsidence to assist you in dealing with insurance claims for building damage. When trees are located in close proximity to structures on clay soils, they can be a potential cause of subsidence.


Tree Decay Detection

Acorn Group has heavily invested in a full range of decay detection equipment. We currently own the latest model of sonic tomography system the PiCUS 3 and the latest electrical resistance tomography system the TreeTronic 3 with electronic callipers.

This enables us to assess defective trees and create a cross-sectional scan of the defect in order to clarify the suitability of trees for retention


Air Spade / Soil Pick

Acorn Group has owned an Airspade for over 10 ten years and has developed a wealth of experience in its multiple applications.

This tool enables trees to be retained that without intervention would either be felled or die. An Air Spade is a tool which channels compressed air through a nozzle to displace soil around tree roots without damaging the roots


Climbing Inspections

The majority of aerial defects can be inspected from the ground however occasionally some defects require a closer inspection. Our Consultants all hold the relevant qualifications to complete aerial inspections. Climbing inspections allow more information to be collected to make informed management decisions.


Veteran Trees

Acorn Group is passionate about Veteran tree care management.

Veteran tree management necessitates an excellent understanding of tree biology, species potential and the benefits that certain tree features often perceived as hazardous can provide such as valuable habitat for a wide variety of flora and fauna, including some European Protected Species.


Bat Habitat Inspections

Our Consultants hold qualifications in Scoping surveys for arborists and Secondary roost surveys for arborists.

This allows our Consultants to check for bat habitat during climbing inspections.


Woodland Management

Our consultants can provide strategic woodland management plans to achieve the long term objectives of the site. Whether it is woodland creation, improvement, managing biodiversity, timber production or changing the use of the site.


Tree Management Strategy Writing

Tree management strategies provide clearly defined arboricultural guidance and management procedures to assist in maintaining and promoting a sustainable tree stock capable of providing long-term benefits.


Plant Health

Our Consultants have experience in identifying and advising on tree pest and disease outbreaks and their management.


Protected Tree Advice

Acorns Consultants can provide advice on tree preservation orders (TPOs), trees within conservation areas and other tree protection legislation

To find out more about the Arboricultural Consultancy, Tree Consultancy and Reporting Services available from Acorn Group, contact our Managing Director Kevin O’Rourke today on 0800 093 3898 or e-mail