Acorn Groups Ecologist, Jade O’Rourke, is undertaking an extensive field study trip in Malawi to assist in a local habitat survey. Jade will be based at Mvuu Camp, a Central African Wilderness Safaris Lodge on the banks of the Shire River in Liwonde National Park.


Jade is working on the following:


  1. Bat and insect trapping (mist netting, harp trapping, insect light trapping)
  2. Bat acoustic surveys (using bat detectors)
  3. Small mammal surveys (using Sherman traps)
  4. Vegetation surveys and habitat mapping
  5. Community questionnaire surveys
  6. Education and awareness activities in local communities and schools
  7. Various lab based activities including: GIS mapping, bat call analysis, insect identification and preparation, data entry tracking bats)
  8. Various student based projects (including mammal work, insect work, and radio tracking)


The extensive field trip lasts for 2 monthsIMG_0143 IMG_0141