AEMG recently completed detailed root inspection on a Beech tree utilising the Airspade. On a previous survey for the University of Birmingham the decay fungus Meripilus giganteus had been identified. Due to its location next to a busy road and pedestrian crossing this would normally require removal. This tree is within the area covered by the Green Heart Project which seeks to improve the green spaces around the main campus. We were therefore asked if there was any possible way to safely retain this tree. Meripilus giganteus is a significant decay fungus mainly found on Beech trees. It decays the trees root system and can eventually result in whole tree failure. The Airspade was used to remove the soil from around the base of the tree to enable the roots to be inspected. No areas of decay were highlighted during the inspection therefore the result of the inspection is that the tree can be retained with future monitoring recommended. WP_20160518_004 WP_20160518_010